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From "Peter Reilly" <>
Subject Re: Persistence of properties between ant targets
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 11:13:09 GMT
On 10/24/06, Adam Downer <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a build file with a target which runs the standard JUnit task.
> This task sets a property (using errorproperty & failureproperty
> attributes) if any of the tests do not pass.
> The target containing the JUnit task is called, using antcall, by a
> separate, higher level target. Hopefully this makes sense so far.
> The idea being that I run the JUnits and the property is only set is
> something is wrong. Further antcalls in the higher level target have the
> unless attribute defined in order to stop them from executing if the
> tests do not pass and finally fail the build with the appropriate
> message (using a <fail>). However, the properties are being set
> correctly in the JUnit target but are not being maintained beyond that
> target so when the other targets invoke the unless attribute, the
> property does not exist and the targets run and the build is successful.
> I am slightly stumped as to how I can get this to work the way I want
> it. Normally I would define the property in the high level target and
> then use it when it is needed, but the unless clause checks if the
> property exists, not its value, so this won't work for me (apart from if
> I am missing something).
> Does anyone know a way around this?

Each antcall sets up a new project with it's own copy
of properties - so setting them in the new project has
no impact on the calling project.

Instead of using a target you could use a <macrodef> to
define the junit call.

Alternativley you could use the ant-contrib antcallback


> Thanks in advance
> Adam Downer
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