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From Danny Vint <>
Subject More problems with ANT zip results
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 20:55:03 GMT
I've brought my files on to a local machine to see if there was anything 
I could discover.

In my first attempt, Ant zip, created a file but the build failed due to 
memory. The file it actually built was ok - it at least opened and looked 
fine. What we discovered was it was missing some files. I've bumped the 
memory and the build now completes without error. The file is a little 
larger than the last, but it is still incomplete. Here are the statistics:

Original files: 76,615
Folders: 6,772
Total size 1.53GB

Ant zip file when opened in Winzip reports:
ZIP Size: 684MB
Files: 11,079

Ant zip file extracted:
Files: 11,079
Folders: 6,772
Total size 1.02GB

Winzip generated zipfile
ZIP Size: 689MB
Original files: 76,615

Notice that the 2 zip files are very close to the same physical size but 
the Ant file is missing 60,000 files when extracted with WinZip!

Any idea about what might be happening?


Danny Vint

Specializing in Panoramic Images of California and the West

FAX: 801-749-3229

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