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Subject Classpath failure has me mystified.
Date Thu, 19 Oct 2006 13:59:13 GMT
My problem:

When running a build file, I get this error message:

     [java] Error in FetchDataAsXML.getXML(): java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

The relevant sections of the build file:

	<target name="init">
			<format property="TODAY" pattern="MMMM dd, yyyy" />
		&lt;!-- irrelevant properties omitted --&gt;
		<property name="oracle.xsu12.jar.path" value="c:/oracle/ora90JavaXDK/lib/xsu12.jar" />
		<property name="oracle.xml.parser.jar.path" value="c:/oracle/ora90JavaXDK/lib/xmlparserv2.jar"
		<property name="sars.jar.path" value="../sars.jar" />

	<java classname="com.kilonovember.alpo.sarsj.FetchDataAsXML" fork="true">
			<pathelement location="${sars.jar.path}" />
			<pathelement location="${oracle.xsu12.jar.path}" />
			<pathelement location="${oracle.xml.parser.jar.path}" />
		<arg value="QueryFileName=${sql.dir}/${query.file}" />
		<arg value="QueryName=${}" />
		<arg value="QueryVersion=${query.version}" />
		<arg value="BindVariables=${query.bind-variables}" />
		<arg value="XMLFileName=${xml.dir}/${outfile}" />

When I run the com.kilonovember.alpo.sarsj.FetchDataAsXML class from the command line like

java -cp %CLASSPATH%;../sars.jar;c:\oracle\ora90JavaXDK\lib\xsu12.jar;c:\oracle\ora90JavaXDK\lib\xmlparserv2.jar
com.kilonovember.alpo.sarsj.FetchDataAsXML QueryFileName=../queries.xml QueryName=pending
XMLFileName=hropeod.xml bindvars=1:2006-10-13;2:2006-10-15

the program executes without fault.

I have carefully checked to see that the elements of the classpath attribute passed on the
command line match the <pathelement location="" /> values, 

<property name="oracle.xsu12.jar.path" value="c:/oracle/ora90JavaXDK/lib/xsu12.jar" />

<property name="oracle.xml.parser.jar.path" value="c:/oracle/ora90JavaXDK/lib/xmlparserv2.jar"

so I am stumped as to why the build file gives this error.

Any insight you can offer will be gratefully accepted.


Charles Knell - email

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