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From Wayne Cannon <>
Subject Re: Using Ant with older Java versions
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 01:40:50 GMT
True, it's just a warning, however, I've found that if you don't 
eliminate 100% of the warnings (and not just by suppressing warnings), 
meaningful warnings are missed that should result in code changes.

I suspect "executable" is what I'm looking for, but when I set it to the 
Java 1.3.1_18 JDK, it begins to complain that "-source" is an invalid 
command line parameter -- as though my <javac> task is not compatible 
with Java 1.3.  I'll look into it more tomorrow.

Thanks to all,

Scot P. Floess wrote:
> I think its just a warning...not that it doesn't compile.  I tried it 
> on my machine (which has JDK 1.5.0_08 installed) and it did compile...
> David Jones wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Source and target define what compatibility to use, not which JDK is 
>> being
>> used. So 1.5 probably just will not allow that to compile. However, you
>> could tell it to use a different JDK (1.3), using the executable 
>> option, and
>> then it would actually be compiling with that version of java.
>> That would be my suggestion, rather than trying to for 1.5 to work 
>> with your
>> 1.3 code.
>> __David
>>  -source <release>          Provide source compatibility with 
>> specified release
>>  -target <release>          Generate class files for specific VM version
>>         executable="/opt/java/jdk1.1/bin/javac"
>>> On 10/25/06, Wayne Cannon <> wrote:
>>> I'm attempting to convert a Java 1.3project to Ant that has an 
>>> attribute
>>> named "enum" (Java 1.3 did not have an Enum class) -- "Enumeration
>>> enum;".  ...

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