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From "Scot P. Floess" <>
Subject Re: error loading a mysqldump file
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 14:03:18 GMT
Can you elaborate more on the error?

Some years ago I was using the sql task and had a file full of SQL 
statements...  When I tried to use the sql task I was getting errors as 
well.   The solution, if memory serves, is that I had to use a \ 
character at the end of each line until SQL termination.  So, if I had 
something like:

create table foo
bar as int

I had to do this kind of thing:

create table foo \
( \
bar as int \

The problem (again if I can remember correctly) was that each line 
(meaning new line/carriage return) was being interpreted as the "whole" 
sql statement and submitted.
Hunter Peress wrote:
> using the sql task's src attribute i source a mysqldump file and it 
> errors.
> mysql can source the file with no problems.
> but in ant I source it and theres a syntax error.
> There is no delimiter being set in the source.
> also if take individually two insert statement and source those it works.
> but i combine them and i get a syntax error.
> in the mysqldump the text fields are xml documents so they have almost 
> every
> imagineable character.
> im using standard utf8 encoding.   any ideas?

Scot P. Floess
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