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From Iván Pérez Domínguez <>
Subject Quiet output
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2006 19:54:30 GMT
I'm writing a build.xml file that tests a program. Before using ANT,
I had a bash script that printed the results like init.d scripts do when
started/stopped. For instance, for an input file to be tested, called
mtp.mtp, it printed something like

mtp.mtp                                             [OK]

if everything went ok, and

mtp.mtp                                             [!!]

if something went wrong. In both cases, the real output was saved in a
log file.

Now I'm using ANT, I'd like it to be the same way, but the output
happens to be way too verbose unless ANT is called with -quiet. Is there
any way to force this quiet flag, or to hide the commands output?

I don't like ANT to prefix the output with the command that produced it
either. For instance, if I write


ant prints something like

[echo] Message

Is there any way to hide that too?


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