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Subject class path problem
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2006 14:37:49 GMT
Hi Every Body:
I am facing a probelm compile a java application. My Java application 
uses external and internal  library.
In other words, let's say i have a package called  java.matrix, and I  
wrote a package for this project called MathOp,

the layout of my project directory is :
                       some classes
                       more classes

Now I need to be able to include all or the needed classes from MathOp 
into the compilation of Operation1, and put the results in 
resulting_classes_directory.  I can do this from the command promt using 
option of javac and it works fine  for exmaple I can do :
javac -classpath /opt/j2sdk/lib/:/path/to/my/project:Operation1  -d 
resulting_classes_directory/     Operation1/*.java
When I try to do this with ant, it fails complaining about not finding 
the classes in the package MathOp. I dont want to compile the whole
package of MathOp. Please don't suggest this. I want it to be compiled 
when the classes that needs it is compiled. Here's what I have in my 
build.xml file.

<target name="op1"    description="Compiles the Operation 1 and package it">
        <javac     srcdir="Operation1" 
destdir="resulting_classes_directory" includes="**/*.java" >
                <pathelement path="Operation1"/>
                <pathelement path="."/>
                <pathelement path="/path/to/my/project"/>
                <pathelement path="/opt/j2sdk/lib/" />   
                <fileset dir="Operation1">
                      <include name="**/*.java"/>
        <jar destfile="Op1.jar" basedir="resulting_classes_directory" 
manifest="MANIFEST.1" />

none of the classes are compiled, "And It Is Important That They Are 
Compiled Only When Ant Is Invoked."
Please let me know what I am missing here, or at least what to search 
for in google.
Thank you in advance.

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