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From David <>
Subject How to preserve a property assigned via antcall on main build process?
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2006 16:30:17 GMT
Dear members,
  I am figthing for avoiding to use <if> from ant contrib lib, but I guess for solving
this problem there is no other solution.
  I have the following targets:
  <target name="target" depends="target-pre"
   unless ="target.skip">
  Note: From working properly this target I need to compute the property target.var.value
(and this property could be assigned previoulsy if some target needed such property before)
  <target name="target-pre" unless ="target.var.value">
    <antcall target="compute-target1.var1"/>
    <property name="target.var1.value" value="the value is: ${target.var}"/>
  This is the best solution, but the problem comes from the fact that the property computed
on target compute-target1.var (property target.var) is not assigned after antcall invokation,
so it doesn't work.
  but If I use instead of antcall, just dependences I get the value of target.var properly
  <target name="target-pre" unless ="target.var"
    <property name="target.var.value" value="the value is: ${target.var}"/>
  what I don't like about this solution is that the dependences targets are ALWAYS execute
even if the property target.var was defined or not. This is a simple case, but on my case
the computation of target.var is a complex task, so I have to run it always.
  Using ant contrib it is inmidiatly using <if> task, but I don't want to add more library
dependence to my project.
  Do you have any idea about how to solve this problem?

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