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From Edward Mann <>
Subject Re: input select
Date Sat, 14 Oct 2006 05:51:24 GMT
I have done that. But my results are not what i expect. Here is my

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="svnant" default="svncheckout">
        <!--  all properties are in -->
          <property file="" />
        <!-- path to the svnant libraries. Usually they will be located
in ANT_HOME/lib -->
          <path id="project.classpath">
            <pathelement location="${svnjavahl.jar}" />
            <pathelement location="${svnant.jar}" />
            <pathelement location="${svnClientAdapter.jar}" />

          <!-- load the svn task -->
          <taskdef resource=""

        <target name="svncheckout" description="Checkout project from
                <input message="Please enter Project Name:"
addproperty="" defaultvalue="" />
                <input message="Branch or Tag? (exp. branch/1.0.1a)
default is trunk:" addproperty="bt.path" defaultvalue="trunk" />
                <condition property="abort">
                        <equals arg1="" arg2="${}" />
                <fail if="abort">Build aborted Project name not
                <property name="project.home"
value="${}.home" />
                <echo> project.home = ${project.home} </echo>
                <fail />
                <property name="dst.dir"    location="${}"/>
                <property name="urlRepos"
value="file:///home/svn/${}/${bt.path}" />
                <svn javahl="TRUE">
                        <checkout url="${urlRepos}"
destPath="${dst.dir}" />

I expect to see that path,(/my/project/dev2 but all i see is the project
name plus home. (project2.home)

And this is what executes on my checkout.

I hope this helps clarify more.


On Fri, 2006-10-13 at 22:29 -0700, Sean (Xuong) Phu wrote:
> There is an <input> task that you can use to prompt the user. See
>   As for concatenating user input with ".home", you can do 
>   <property name="finalValue" value="${userInput}.home" />
> Edward Mann <> wrote:
>   I am trying to build an and build process where the user will run ant
> and it will prompt them for the project. The projects are held in the
> file. 
> They look like this.
> project1.home=/my/project/dev1
> project2.home=/my/project/dev2
> There are other things in the file but this is all the user will ever
> edit. What i want is for the users to type in project2 and the ant
> script will checkout from subversion that project and put it in the path
> for project2.home.
> Is this possible with ant? I would need to append the .home to the end
> of the project name so i can get it's home directory. 
> Thanks.
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