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From Thorsten Möller <>
Subject Re: Synchronisation of diretories under version control
Date Wed, 04 Oct 2006 14:55:44 GMT
>> This means that in the target dir and each sub dir a directory
>> ".svn" exists which must remain after synchronisation. However, when
>> I use the <sync> task those SVN directories will be deleted since
>> they do not exist in the source dir.
>That's the use case which lead to the preserveInTarget element for Ant
>1.7.0's sync task:
I can't help but it doesn't work properly yet with 1.7.0Beta2, at least when 
the target dir contains ".svn" subdirectories. It seems that all files and 
directories more than one subdirectory below ".svn" are not preserved. For 
example, the usual SVN hierarchy contains **/.svn/tmp/prop-base/ (amongst 
other subdirectories and files below .svn). After running a sync target like 
below, only the files directly below .svn are preserved but not 
subdirectories and files in that subdirectories. I tried several 
possibilities in <preserveintarget> without being able to configure it in a 
way to preserve all content below ".svn" recursively. Probably one issue to 


<sync description="Main Sources" overwrite="yes" todir="${src.dir}" 
    <fileset dir="../on.common/src/" includes="**/*" />
        <include name="**/.svn/**" />

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