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From "Peter Reilly" <>
Subject Re: "java.lang.ClassCastException:" error after using <ant> task within ant
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 13:28:54 GMT
This is a bug.

Can you open a bug request for this please.

Do you use the id tag ? (references) in macro definitions.

The way references work at the moment could (I think)
cause the symtoms you describe.
for an example.

Please try to get a small build file/s that shows the problem.

On 9/22/06, David Corley (AT/LMI) <> wrote:
> Beffling is the word. I'm pretty familiar with Ant, and this is the
> first time I've seen such a low level error.
> The pre and post targets are filled with tasks of the end-users choice.
> But for the example below and in the code that's causing the error, I
> have just the one <echo> task in the pre target.
> I should explain my reasoning for carrying things out the way I do.
> Basically, I've defined a core build.xml for every developer on our
> site. It allows them to only have to set their classpaths and
> properties, and everything else will just work for them. So far it's
> been quite succesful. But we came across a stumbling block where some
> developers wanted to run tests against code they had just compiled.
> Normally the developers would have stubs for their unit tests, but some
> developers need to run against a live server. And the server code may
> have just been compiled as part of the build.
> Unfortunately the core build doesn't facilitate the running of any
> compiled code, aside from the unit tests, which are run with the ant
> <junit> task.
> So I came up with a workaround, where I allow the developers to do what
> they like right before the unit testing starts and straight after it
> finishes.
> It means the core build.xml is still untampered, and the used get to run
> whatever <java> tasks need to be run before testing with their custom
> junit-setup.xml targets. I suppose I could use <import>....but why
> should I have to? The <ant>  task should work just fine... No?
> My core Ant script is called with a -lib argument to include some extra
> jars (javamail, junit, jaf), and I'm just wondering if they might cause
> any problems.
> I'll get the developer experiencing the problem to change the code to
> use an import statement and see how it goes.....but I still reckon
> there's a bug somewhere in Ant....
> /Dave
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> From: Dominique Devienne []
> Sent: 22 September 2006 14:51
> To: Ant Users List
> Subject: Re: "java.lang.ClassCastException:
>" error after using <ant> task within ant
> >                <target name="pre">
> >                  <echo message="pre-junit"
> >                </target>
> >
> >                <target name="post">
> >                </target>
> Hmmm, this is baffling indeed. Are the pre and post target above really
> empty? If not, do they depend on any properties or references from the
> main build you pass in thru <ant>? --DD
> PS: Note that your approach to this problem seems a bit wrong to me. I
> would have used <import> rather than your combination of <ant> and
> <antcall>
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