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From <>
Subject AW: Use <xslt> in a filterchain?
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2006 05:53:42 GMT
>	Basically, I was doing something like this (if I 
>understand you correctly).  I was shunting the exec output to 
>a file and then using the <xslt> task to transform it into 
>another file.  I was just hoping to cut out the middleman.

My approach does not use a tmp file - it uses an Ant property.

0001: <exec resultproperty="out.xml" .../>
0002: <xslt out="..." style="...">
0003:     <resources>
0004:         <property name="out.xml"/>
0005:     </resources>
0006: </xslt> 

#1 catches the result (maybe you need 'outputproperty'...) of your
external program.
#2 xslt as usual: define the output file and the stylesheet
#3 here we use new features of Ant 1.7 - the resource collections (as
#4 and one resource is the value of an Ant property

But you have to ensure that the value of the property ${out.xml} is xml
Otherwise you'll earn a BuildException...


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