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Subject How to get debug info on java task failure
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2006 16:49:17 GMT
I am executing a single <java> task. I have the failonerror attribute set to "true".
It fails, but I don't have any information to work with. This is the target.

<target name="fetch-sql-string">
  <java classname="" 
           failonerror="true" fork="true">
      <pathelement location="./XMLfromSPOOL/mars.jar" />
      <pathelement location="c:/oracle/ora90JavaXDK/lib/xsu12.jar" />
      <pathelement location="c:/oracle/ora90JavaXDK/lib/xmlparserv2.jar" />
    <arg value="QueryFileName=queries.xml" />
    <arg value="QueryName=hiring-report" />
  <echo>SQL string is ${sql.string}</echo>

The output I get is: "BUILD FAILED H:\dev\java\buildj.xml:46: Java returned: 1"

When I execute what I believe to be the identical class from the command line, I have no problem.
Here is the command line, reformatted for clarity:

java -cp mars.jar;C:\oracle\ora90JavaXDK\lib\xsu12.jar;
c:\oracle\ora90JavaXDK\lib\xmlparserv2.jar QueryFileName=../queries.xml QueryName=hiring-report

How can I get more information from Ant on exactly what's gone wrong?

Charles Knell - email

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