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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: any suggestions how to work with nunit?
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 22:15:13 GMT
Mark Modrall wrote:
> Hi...
>             The <xslt> question of this morning comes out of frustration
> trying to call nunit from ant.  Ant is being called from CruiseControl,
> and I'm trying to get the nunit output in a form that CC will recognize
> and process for its status.  I have to admit it's almost got me tearing
> my hair out.  None of the wires seem to quite connect.
>             Nunit-console (which <nunit> wraps) has a number of
> properties which produce broken xml.  /xmlConsole spits xml out to the
> console, but after it spits out some version junk (making the result
> unparsable).  /transform a) ignores the output encoding in the
> stylesheet you give it and b) spits out a line of the regular output *in
> front of* the xml, making *it* unparseable.
>             The <nunit> .dotnet plugin supports failOnerror="true" but
> not resultproperty="foo".  If you set failOnerror and nunit fails, it
> just stops, meaning the <xslt> doesn't get done.  You can't get <nunit>
> to *tell* you it failed without failonerror.

well, file a bug report against the latest antlib beta :)
>             I'm down to using <exec> to run nunit-console, putting
> /xml=temp.out on that to get the raw output to a file, applying my
> <xslt> to produce *another* output file, and then testing the
> resultproperty to see if I should fail the build.  Not very elegant.


How about writing a new Nunit task runner in C# that generates proper XML?

Its the best long term solution.

>             I already had to dump <nant> (because it wouldn't use VS
> 2005 projects) and <msbuild> because it has *neither* failonerror *nor*
> resultproperty.

file bugreps, they probably assume the builds work. you can also use 
ant-contrib's try/catch stuff.

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