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From Marcus Lindblom <>
Subject Customizable handling of unset properties
Date Sat, 09 Sep 2006 17:05:44 GMT

I just want to ask a bit something that probably has been discussed to 
death before: unset properties handling. The latest 1.7 does not address 
this (according to the release notes), and I could find no enhancement 
request discussing it either.

So, my simple proposal is:

Allow the user to set a custom handler for resolving properties (with 
the option to handle unset properties as errors), similar to setting 
build listeners.

We've been running with a modified Ant 1.6.2 for some time that simply 
throws an exception if a non-set property is accessed (when another 
propery is set, namely ant.disallow_unset_properties). It works really 
nice for us and has helped finding quite a few bugs (that's why we added 
it in the first place), but a more general solution would be to provide 
various property-policies. That way, I could resolve my other issue (see 
my recent post) that way as well, making it a bit more transparent.



P.S. I could probably check out 1.7 and make a patch myself, if you guys 
think it's worthwhile to include in the future.

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