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From David <>
Subject Re: Scripting language recomendation for using <script> task
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2006 18:49:39 GMT
Dear Neil,
  Thanks for your hint, I guess it can be done with Jython
script, but do you know exactly if what I want can be done easy?
  Does it provides a such sort functions and also for extracting 
certain columns for a file?, Do you know the name of the functions?
  Thanks in advance,

David <> wrote:     
>You will get 1001 different answers to this question.  
>Personally I use Jython for this kind of thing as it has the java library but also 
>adds the nice extra stuff from python which makes writing small scripts 
>verey easy.  You also get to learn a bit about (J|P)ython which can be useful 
> in other areas.
  >Python is also easy to learn and has nifty features for dealing with
>strings and list - which matches what you want to do.
  >On 9/17/06, David <> wrote:
> Dear members,
>   I have two tasks to do, vía script:
>   1. Sort a fixed-length (all records of a given column have the same
> lenght), so the sorting criteria will be specified by values at 
> possitions. I have this script using Unix Korn Shell, using unix 
> sort, but I can't use it on Windows, :-(
>   2. Extract on a fixed length file certain columns and save them 
into a
> new file. On unix probably could be done using cat and awk togeter, I
> haven't it yet implemented.
>   I would like all this implemented independently of the operative 
> just for testing on a developer machine (Windows), instead of testing 
> production machine (UNIX)
>   Looking into the scritp task, because using only ant it can't be 
> On script documentation tasks there are a lot of possible languages 
> using this task. I don't know none of them. Probably each one has 
> and disadvantage. I would like to learn just one and be sure with it 
can be
> done almost everthing, if it is easy to learn much better, :-)
>   The posibilities are: groovy, beanshell, judoscript, ruby, jython 
and my
> background is: Java, C++, Xml, UNIX, etc.
>   Note: Probably with Perl you can do every thing, but on the 
> environmnet I can't install any thing new. I just can add some jars 
>   Thanks in advance,
>   David
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