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From <>
Subject AW: code assist in eclipse
Date Mon, 28 Aug 2006 07:05:47 GMT
This is more an Eclipse related question.
And in a plain text mail - your "highlighted" properties are not visible ;-)

AFAIK Eclipse highlighted properties while typing. It knows that because of the syntax ${PROPNAME}.
Code Assist instead needs an already defined property. E.g. in your "compress" target - where
is the definition of ${dist}?


>-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
>Von: [] 
>Gesendet: Freitag, 25. August 2006 19:26
>Betreff: code assist in eclipse 
>Hi All,
> I have the following simple build file .All the highlighted 
>properties are not available through Code Assist.Where as 
>other properties like message , source are available 
>throughout the build.xml.Is it something Im doing wrong ?
><?xml version="1.0" ?>
><project name="makefile" default="main">
>          <property name="message" value="Building the 
>project.jar file."
>          <property name="message2" value="Building the 
>project.jar2 file."
>          <property name="source" location="src" />
>          <property name="basedir" location="." />
>          <property name="build" location="build" />
>          <property name="output" location="classes" />
>          <property name="mydir" location="classes" />
>   <target name="init">
>                  <mkdir dir="${output}" />
>                  <mkdir dir="${build}" />
>   </target>
>    <target name="main" depends="init,compile, compress" 
>description="Main target">
>        <echo>
>            ${message}
>        </echo>
>    </target>
>    <target name="compile" description="Compilation target">
>        <javac srcdir="${source}" destdir="${output}"/>
>    </target>
>  <target name="compress" description="Compression target">
>        <jar destfile="${dist}/Project.jar" zipfile="${build}/"
>includes="*.class" />
>  </target>
>Vinodh Subbiah
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