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From "John Davis" <>
Subject how to call ant on optional subdirs?
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 06:47:07 GMT

Currently I have a top-level build.xml file which calls ant on
subdirs.  It looks like something like this:

<target name="top_build" depends="...">
  <ant dir="tools"/>
  <ant dir="src" />
  <ant dir="tests" />

I would like to change the xml so it only builds available
directories.  In other words, if a developer uses this build file, he
might not be interested in building the tools directory nor the tests
directories.  Therefore, he might not have the tools or tests
subdirectories.  If he runs ant on the existing build.xml it will
break when it tries to execute these steps.

In order to fix this, I tried to use the a <dirset> to get the list of
available directories ie. tools, src, tests, ... but when I tried to
call <ant> on the dirset, it said that it did not support the nested
"dirset" element.

Any help or suggestions is really appreciated.

John F. Davis "JD"

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