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From "Brown, Carlton" <>
Subject RE: <apply> outputproperty not capturing output
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 17:49:05 GMT
Sorry for the repeat, but this is baffling and looks either buggy or
ill-designed, and we really need to understand how it works... could
someone shed some light?

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From: Brown, Carlton 
Sent: Monday, August 28, 2006 6:33 PM
Subject: <apply> outputproperty not capturing output

Hi all,

Basic question:  What is the real significance of the "outputproperty"
attribute of the <apply> task?  Is this just some kind of race condition
where Ant applies the output of whichever command invocation happens to
run first?

Observation:   If I <apply> a command to more than one file, and the
command produces output for only certain files, I don't see any of the
output in the property defined by "outputproperty".   I can however see
it if I limit the <apply> fileset to only one file, (effectively making
it an <exec> and not what I'm looking for).

Situation:   I'm running an <apply> task (code below) that processes
about 48 idl files.  Since this is a crappy idl compiler that happily
returns a zero exit status when it fails, I'm forced to parse the output
to detect failures.   Since I use <apply> to apply the idlj program to
all 48 IDL files, I want to parse the output of all 48 command
invocations for a certain failure string.  So I use the "contains"
condition.   However, I notice that the output doesn't get captured in
the outputproperty if I apply to more than one file.

Some code:

	<target name="generate-netxidl" depends="init">
		<apply executable="${idl.compiler.path}"
failonerror="true" failifexecutionfails="true"
			<arg value="-f"/>
			<arg value="all"/>
			<arg value="-pkgPrefix"/>
			<arg value="idl"/>
			<arg value="${netxidl.package.prefix}"/>
			<arg value="-td"/>
			<arg value="${generation.output.dir}"/>
			<arg value="-i"/>
			<arg value="${idl.src.path}/netx"/>
			<arg value="-noWarn"/>
		<!-- If  I set the fileset below to a very specific name
instead of a wildcard, 
		the output gets assigned to netx.idlj.output and this
fails as expected.  Otherwise, it doesn't -->
		<fileset dir="${idl.src.path}/netx" includes="*.idl"/>
		<fail message="netx idl generation failed with this
string="${netx.idlj.output}" substring=" (line "/>


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