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From Gilbert Rebhan <>
Subject Re: <script> and (j)ruby !?
Date Mon, 14 Aug 2006 18:43:53 GMT
Hi Peter,

thanks a lot for your snippets !!, that
helps me starting with jruby+ant

> Check the ant manual!
> Example:
>    <script language="ruby">
>      xmlfiles =".").entries.delete_if { |i| ! (i =~ /\.xml$/) }
>      xmlfiles.sort.each { |i| $self.log(i) }
>    </script>

i already saw that, but doesn't deal with ant classes.

> However, jruby is still new and a (large) number of things do not work, for
> example I could not get ( to work - it seems to clash with
> ruby File. Also Thread.sleep(x) whines about accessing a private class.
> jrunb is also a little slow at loading up (but improving).
> some other examples:

Didn't got so deep in it. I like ruby for several reasons (the elegance,
nice syntax, GREAT community ...)
And as i use it more and more i want to use it for ant related scripting
too.I think jruby is the only ?! way to access ant interna via ruby as
one has to interact with java.

Regards, Gilbert

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