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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: how to call ant on optional subdirs?
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 20:04:50 GMT
John Davis wrote:
> Hello
> Currently I have a top-level build.xml file which calls ant on
> subdirs.  It looks like something like this:
> <target name="top_build" depends="...">
>  <ant dir="tools"/>
>  <ant dir="src" />
>  <ant dir="tests" />
>  ...
> </target>
> I would like to change the xml so it only builds available
> directories.  In other words, if a developer uses this build file, he
> might not be interested in building the tools directory nor the tests
> directories.  Therefore, he might not have the tools or tests
> subdirectories.  If he runs ant on the existing build.xml it will
> break when it tries to execute these steps.
> In order to fix this, I tried to use the a <dirset> to get the list of
> available directories ie. tools, src, tests, ... but when I tried to
> call <ant> on the dirset, it said that it did not support the nested
> "dirset" element.

<subant> does bulk ant invocations; takes filesets and the like. 
Slightly different defaults from <ant>, because <ant>'s defaults are wrong


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