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From James Adams <>
Subject Re: How to filter out all exceptions from the JUnit task's test failures
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2006 00:24:25 GMT
 >Steve Loughran wrote:
 >Take the XSL stylesheets that junit report uses and rework them to 
meet your needs.

Thanks Steve -- I'm not sure if this will solve my problem completely, 
although it may be a good temporary fix.

I want to reduce the number of exception lines in the results XML file, 
*before* the XSL is applied to it, since my test suite is failing with 
an out-of-memory error.  I assume that JUnit is keeping the exception 
stack traces for each failure in memory, in anticipation of writing it 
to the XML file once the suite finishes, and in my case before the suite 
has a chance to complete it crashes due to the memory usage.  I also 
want to reduce the amount of stack trace info reported because it is 
extraneous information (after the first exception or two), but I 
primarily need to limit it in order to keep from running out of memory 
when running a suite of over 80 test cases. 

There doesn't appear to be an option in the JUnit task which allows this 
sort of control over the exception stack trace reported for a test 
failure -- can anyone suggest another approach?


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