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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: Problem choosing XSLT processer with <style> task
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2006 14:23:25 GMT
Frankly, using C:\Program Files doesn't suit me, because it's too
long. To type, to look at, in paths, etc... A Jar files is often not
really an application, but a component to be used by an actual
application. Windows puts its component in C:\WINNT\**. There's no
right and wrong place to put things in, it's more whether you choose
to take the easy+safe+practical choice, or obey a standard designed
for something completely unrelated. When one purposely chooses to do
something that may uncover hidden bugs, one has to bare the
consequences. You obviously know what you are doing, but a lot of
people are not as savvy, so I would also strongly suggest to not put
Java stuff in C:\Program Files. --DD

On 8/1/06, Ron Wheeler <> wrote:
> I prefer to put it in the place selected by the software manufacturer
> and then define Java_home with 8.3 so that the slightly broken tools
> that I use can still work. \Program Files\ should  be the "Power Users"
> choice since it is supposed to be the location of all software packages
> under Windows.
> There are a large number of Linux programs that do not handle file
> descriptors properly. Spaces are legal in file and folder names on Linux
> and I hope that programmers of software packages will quickly adopt
> filename parsers that work properly.
> This is a big PITA in Linux for those who are trying to use it in the
> corporate environment.
> Ron
> Dominique Devienne wrote:
> >> Why more people did not notice this I have no idea!
> >
> > Simply because most developers and/or power-user on Windows don't
> > install Java-related stuff in C:\Program Files, precisely to avoid
> > such errors. --DD
> >
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