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Subject Re: binary Diff. with ANT?
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2006 07:04:44 GMT
I have solution for that:
The fileset-Tag has the element <different>...
How it works:

The <different> tag selects files who are deemed to be 'different' from 
equivalent file in another location. The rules for determining difference
between two files are as follows:

   1. If there is no 'other' file, it's different.
   2. Files with different lengths are different.
   3. If ignoreFileTimes is turned off, then differing file timestamps will
cause files to be regarded as different.
   4. UnlessignoreContents is set to true, a byte-for-byte check is run against
the two files

That what I'm searching for. But so easy how it desciped isn't it.

I create a test-build-file for doing a similiar diff between two dirs.

  <target name="diff" >
        <fileset dir="v1" includes="**/*.*">
        	<different targetdir="v2" ignorefiletimes="false" />

Buildfile: C:\workspace\Synchro - Tool\diff\build.xml
Total time: 469 milliseconds

Everytime this build is successful, however I declare targetdir as 
The dirs v1 & v2 are absolutly different.... ?

Zitat von

> Hi,
> I am on the way to build a script to find diffs between same files on 
> different
> systems... (Differenz in version for ex.)
> Are there some possibilities to implement this with ant??
> Thanks 4 helping..
> Beni
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