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From "Petar Tahchiev" <>
Subject Re: Operating System identification
Date Sat, 08 Jul 2006 15:14:52 GMT
On 08/07/06, Raghuveer <> wrote:
> How to identify Operating System of my Application server.
> I have property file in my web application for Windows and Linus.
> I need to identify th Operating System and read specific configuration file
> in my Struts Application .?
> Example:
> My Web application can be run on OC4J server,JBOSS  on Windows or Linux
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Here is a list of all defined properties in Ant:

java.version -Java Runtime Environment version

java.vendor -Java Runtime Environment vendor

java.vendor.url -Java vendor URL

java.home -Java installation directory

java.vm.specification.version -Java Virtual Machine specification version

java.vm.specification.vendor -Java Virtual Machine specification vendor -Java Virtual Machine specification name

java.vm.version -Java Virtual Machine implementation version

java.vm.vendor -Java Virtual Machine implementation vendor -Java Virtual Machine implementation name

java.specification.version -Java Runtime Environment specification version

java.specification.vendor- Java Runtime Environment specification vendor Java Runtime Environment specification name

java.class.version- Java class format version number

java.class.path- Java class path

java.ext.dirs- Path of extension directory or directories Operating system name

os.arch- Operating system architecture

os.version- Operating system version

file.separator- File separator ("/" on UNIX)

path.separator- Path separator (":" on UNIX)

line.separator- Line separator ("\n" on UNIX) User's account name

user.home -User's home directory

user.dir- User's current working directory

These properties are avalilable in Java (with getProperties()), as
well as in Ant. You can use the, or os.version, or os.arch.
But all this stuff is discussed many times. I suggest you have a look
at the archives before posting your question. You can save a lot of
time :-).
Regards, Petar!
Karlovo, Bulgaria.

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