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From "Mark Modrall" <>
Subject using regexp filters
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 14:07:50 GMT


            I'm trying to filter the output from an svn update to get
the version number it's up to.  I want to grab just the version number
and output that to a file.  I've been experimenting with <redirector> on
<exec> but I'm running into some odd things (at least from what I can
tell out of the documentation).


    <exec executable="svn" outputproperty="upout">

            <arg line="update"/>




                                    <contains value="revision"/>






Correctly outputs just the last line which contains the revision number,



                        <regexp pattern="*revision*"/>


Produces no output.  Seemed odd to me, since the pattern is effectively
the same.


            Since ultimately, I also wanted to pick the rev number out
of the string I identified, I experimented with some of the other
filters, like containsstring, containsregexp, replaceregexp.  For
whatever reason, I can't get any regexp to find a match on anything
containing "revision" no matter what I try.  I've also run into some
oddities, like <containsregex> doesn't throw an error when not under
<tokenfilter>; unfortunately it doesn't produce a match either.


            Can anyone point me in the right direction to figure out why
regexps aren't hitting for me?


            I'm using ant 1.6.5 on windows, by the by.




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