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From Wojciech Zalecki <>
Subject ANT problem
Date Thu, 27 Jul 2006 20:14:45 GMT
Hi all

I'm using single ANT script to compile many .net projects.
One of the projects in my build requires compilation under framework
2.0 (the rest is 1.1).
I want to change my script so that in particular moment , before
calling csc task to compile 2.0 project , env var PATH is set by
running proper vsvars32.bat. After compilation , I want to change env
var PATH (running another vsvars32.bat) so it points back to framework
1.1 directories.

NOTE that vsvars32.bat is a file which sets PATH variable but only for
console session which 'called' the file

 I cannot use NANT. I have to achieve this with ANT, and what is more
important ,all projects must compile with calling single ANT script.  I
tried running exec task with batch file changing PATH variable but
changes are not stored , and csc is using 'old' paths (pointing .net

In other words , the question is , how to tell ANT to get another value 
for PATH env var (in 'runtime')


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