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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: AW: Ant JSP Compilation Please.
Date Mon, 03 Jul 2006 10:36:42 GMT wrote:
>>>   Can some body give some ant code snippet  for the following
>>>   1)Able to compile a single argumented "Jsp" file.
>>>   2)Able to Compile a single folder Argumented "Jsp" folder.  
>>>   3)Able to Compile a multiple folder Argumented "Jsp" folder.
>> I cant help you as I have found precompilation more trouble 
>> than it is worth, and no longer recommend it.
>> What I do now instead is use HttpUnit to fetch every single 
>> JSP page that I have in the app, after deploying it. That 
>> combines a functional test of the application with the 
>> building of the JSP pages in the app server that will host them.
> And that's independent of the app server ;-)

Exactly. you build the jsps in advance and you have to have the jsp 
runtime in perfect sync with the precompiled code, or your prebuilt code 
crashes. So you have to know exactly the destination of the WAR, rebuild 
stuff whenever a new target comes out, suffer a lot if you have to 
target >1 server version, etc, etc. Whereas if you write httpunit tests you

-compile everything down
-know that the JARs load and run properly on the target system

If you werent going to write the httpunit tests in advance, you've 
gained something you need (functional tests), instead of investing time 
getting something very brittle to work occasionally. If you were going 
to write the httpunit tests already, then you have lost nothing.



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