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From "Anderson, Rob (Global Trade)" <>
Subject RE: ccupdate not getting all files
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2006 17:29:58 GMT
Since ccupdate is really a wrapper around cleartool, your question is
really a clearcase question. However, since I use clearcase I may be
able to help. First, I will assume that you are sharing a stream among
several developers. Take a look at the version tree of the files that
are not updated. They should already show the latest version of the file
loaded in the view. If someone has a file checked out, then there is not
a newer version until they check the file in, unless you allow
unreserved checkouts. If you allow unreserved checkouts, you will have
branching within the stream, I think, and I'm really not sure what needs
to be done to merge the changes in an unreserved checkout with a later
version of the  same file. If you want to allow unreserved checkouts,
you are better off using separate streams. If you still feel that this
is not functioning as expected I suggest contacting Rational/IBM for
support or posting to the CCIUG. You will find that the functionality of
Ant's <ccupdate> task is identical to running "cleartool update" on the
command line.

-Rob A

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> Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 10:17 AM
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> Subject: ccupdate not getting all files
> For some reason ccupdate is not updating all the files in the 
> specified view.  My ant script does this:
> 1.  deletes all files from the local snapshot view of the 
> ClearCase project view 2.  updates the local snapshot view 
> from the stream
> here's my ccupdate task:
> <ccupdate viewpath="C:\projectView"
>         graphical="false"
>         overwrite="true"
>         currenttime="true"
>         rename="false"/>
> ccupdate does just what one would expect for most of the 
> files, but for some it decides it's going to keep the 
> previous version as shown in the log entry below:
>  [ccupdate] Loading "" (1953 bytes).
>  [ccupdate] Keeping "".
>  [ccupdate] Loading "" (2724 bytes).
> (note that i've replace actual paths/filenames with placeholder names
> here)
> now, it has been true that every time ccupdate decides to 
> "keep" a file a member of the development team has that file 
> checked out from the stream. 
> What is strange, however, is that ccupdate doesn't decide to 
> "keep" ALL of the files that the developers have checked out 
> (of course, I would expect ccupdate to get the latest stuff 
> from the stream regardless of whether any of the files are 
> checked out or not).
> anyone know what's going on?
> Scott

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