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Subject RE: Help with this build.xml
Date Fri, 30 Jun 2006 18:28:08 GMT
the below reply also works.. otherwise

If i am getting you correct.. Do it this way..

<property name="test-java-dir"  location="./test/java"/>
<property name="build-java"     location="./build/java"/>
<mkdir dir="${build-java}"/>
<target name="compile-test-java" depends="init" description="compile the 
source " >
        <javac srcdir="${test-java-dir}" destdir="${build-java}">
                <classpath refid="test.classpath"/>

For different modules use the above, & call the target name in order you 

"Res Pons" <>
06/30/2006 11:55 PM
Please respond to "Ant Users List"
        cc:     (bcc: prashanth.l/Polaris)
        Subject:        RE: Help with this build.xml

in               <include name="com/manager/domain">
if those are classes then they shoule be in the form of com.manager.* 
instead of slashes.  if they're directories relative to  your 
project/wroking folder then they need to be more complete than just 
                 <include name="com/manager/domain">
more like                <include name="com/manager/domain/*.*">

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Subject: Help with this build.xml
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Thread-Topic: help to compile c / c++ files in ant
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I want to put some files in a fileset, so that I can build them one by 
such as
<fileset dir="src.dir">
    <patternset id="compile.dir">
                 <include name="com/supplier/domain">
                 <include name="com/supplier/dao">
                 <include name="com/manager/domain">
                 <include name="com/manager/dao">

but somehow in ant, "Javac" does not acccept this "<fileset>", do you know 
way to work arond.


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From: Dominique Devienne []
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Subject: Re: help to compile c / c++ files in ant
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Nice. You can also make cc-elements implicit, so that you don't have
to specify it when using <call-cc>. --DD

On 6/30/06, James Fuller <> wrote:
 > Here is a nice illustration in context of using cc with macrodef.
 > definition:
 >     <macrodef name="call-cc">
 >        <attribute name="target"/>
 >        <attribute name="link"/>
 >        <attribute name="target.dir"/>
 >        <element name="cc-elements"/>
 >        <sequential>
 >           <mkdir dir="${obj.dir}/@{target}"/>
 >           <mkdir dir="@{target.dir}"/>
 >              <cc link="@{link}" objdir="${obj.dir}/@{target}"
 >                  outfile="@{target.dir}/@{target}">
 >                 <compiler refid="compiler.options"/>
 >                 <cc-elements/>
 >              </cc>
 >           </sequential>
 >     </macrodef>
 > usage:
 >     <call-cc target="unittests" link="executable"
 >              target.dir="${build.bin.dir}">
 >        <cc-elements>
 >           <includepath location="${gen.dir}"/>
 >           <includepath location="test"/>
 >           <fileset dir="test/unittest" includes = "**/*.cpp"/>
 >           <fileset dir="${gen.dir}" includes = "*.cpp"/>
 >           <linker refid="linker-libs"/>
 >        </cc-elements>
 >     </call-cc>
 > gl, Jim Fuller
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