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From <>
Subject AW: Collection of FileSets
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 05:34:50 GMT
Not all tasks can work with nested paths .... in prior to Ant 1.7.
With 1.7 we are introducing "ResourceCollections" which is a supertype a
<path>, <fileset> and others. I'm not sure if <ear> supports that, but
most of the tasks are converted ...

Yep - <ear> inherits <jar> inherits <zip>. And <zip> supports RCs
So your life will become easier with a custom build of the snapshot or
with Ant 1.7 coming .... mmmh .... this summer (?).



>Have you considered using path with
><path id = "MY_PATH">
>  <fileset dir = "/foo">
>     ...
>  </fileset>
>  ...
>Then just use the refid "MY_PATH"...
>> Hello,
>> We have a target that builds an EAR using the ear task.  Fed 
>into the 
>> task is a rather large number of fileset's.  What I would like to do 
>> is use the same fileset's for another task (I want to copy those 
>> elements into the app server without building the EAR).
>> Is there any way to aggregate those fileset's and have both tasks 
>> refer to them?  If there is, I can't seem to figure it out from the 
>> documentation.

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