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From Steve Byrne <>
Subject Too eager filterset execution?
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 22:56:05 GMT
Hi all.

I have a rather convoluted situation that I think is exposing a bug in

Basically, from my main build script, I invoke a custom task that I have
written.  During the course of the execution of the task, it creates a
CallTarget and calls a target back in the main script.  The main script
THEN uses the "ant" task to invoke a target in some other build file. 
This latter invocation fails.

I am setting inheritRefs to true for both the CallTarget and the "ant"
task.  The main build script contains several filtersets with "id"
attributes set.  Even though these filterset are defined within targets
that are not being executed, I can see as the other build file's project
is being prepared, the filtersets are being "interpreted", and there are
warning messages (during verbose execution) about properties in the
filtersets that are not defined.

The REAL problem is that in one of the filtersets (again, this is
defined in a target that has NOT been executed, and so should be totally
ignored), there is a filtersfile element, which refers to a file that
does not exist yet, and THAT causes the build to fail.

This code works perfectly under 1.5.4.  I believe that the filterset
references should NOT be being copied by the "ant" task, since they have
not been legitimately created yet, since the targets they are defined in
have not been executed.

What say you?


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