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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: "Recursiveness" / property already used in a "generic" build...
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2006 16:14:54 GMT
> > Loggers are a pain to
> > reference on the command line, just like listeners. You almost almost
> > end up defining a wrapper script or an ANT_OPTS (or something like
> > that) env. var., the latter being a solution I don't like, because
> > it's the developer's responsability to do it (follow instructions).
> Already there with the timestamped logger (the one that prints when the
> build finished)

I'm not following...

I was complaining about the fact that:
1) You have to reference the class name. Ant is all about binding type
names to class names. We should be able to use a shorter name.
2) The fact that you can't configure some things inside a build
script, or in some config file Ant would load auto-magically, is a
PITA, especially when dealing with loggers/listeners.

For 2, I'm thinking of files in $HOME and/or $ANT_HOME that Ant would
load, and this files would allow to set site or user specific things
that normally go on the command line. Perhaps even allowing to define
"macro"-like user-defined switches that map to Ant command switches
with proper args.

I'm just thinking out loud, that all... --DD

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