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From "Markusin" <>
Subject RE: Implementing ant task which extends ExecTask
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 08:12:21 GMT
Hi Scot

Ok, sorry for the small description.

My intention is to execute shp2pgsql as an ant target.
So first I tried to do this using the existing ant target exec, but because
of small functionality in stringparsing (need to pass as arguments the name
of the file (shapefile), the name of the target-table (which is the name of
the file without path and suffix) and the schemaname).

So I start to write my own ant task, which has as input:
1) input path
2) schema name

The input path will be scanned recursivly, finding all files with the suffix
*.shp, than starts the stringparsing, which creates the name of the table
and after that for each found shape will there should be calles 
shp2pgsql <shapefile> <tablename> <schemaname> .

So this I am actually trying (by using the ExecTask class), but without

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