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From "Michael Wenk" <>
Subject Question on finding what executable ant uses to javac/jar
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2006 04:56:09 GMT

I am a fairly new to ant, and unfortunately, I have not been able to find my 
answer by googling and searching the list archives, tho I have to figure its 
been asked before. I need help in calling an external program.  This program 
has been compiled with make.  There's some internal versioning information 
that needs to be inserted into a file in the end result jar file.  I do this 
by calling a script.  I figured out how to use <exec> to call my script:

<exec dir="${src}" executable="../../tools/" output="version.tmp">
    <arg line="${ant.javac} ${ant.jar}"/>

What I cant figure out is how to get ant to actually pass the full path to 
javac and the full path to jar which it has used and will use.  The above 
doesn't work, nor does any parameter I give in the line work(It is like it 
doesn't substitute the variables.)  I can workaround this, but I would 
prefer the clean solution.  Ive checked the FAQ, manual, wiki, etc.  Much of 
that problem is unfortunately placing jar or javac in a query is pointless, 
and I cannot formulate my search such that it doesn't have this.

Anyone know how to get ant to spill what javac and what jar program it uses?

Thanks much,

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