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From <>
Subject AW: Could I bind an antlib to a xmlns via <taskdef>?
Date Tue, 23 May 2006 15:06:20 GMT
>it is painful!

I was hidden ....
There is no hint in the manual of taskdef [1], typedef [2] or antlib
I'll add a note there ...

>I would rather do something like:
><loadantlib classpath="jars/example.jar"/>
>Where example.jar contains a manifest entry like:
>ant-prefix: example
>example-antlib: a/b/c/antlib.xml

That would also support   

But I dont like the idea that the antlib should specify the xmlns to
While it would imply a standard name, so anyone would know what <sf:*>
means, but specifying
in the buildfile has two advantages
- use the name the developer wants:  <ac:*> or <antcontrib:*>
- handling of name collisions: is <svn:*> the svn-antlib of Ant or
something else (maybe tigris)?

We need to combine three information:
1. the xmlns to use (as done on <project>)
2. the antlib:-URI (as done in <taskdef uri>)
3. the classpath for the antlib-URI (as done in <taskdef classpath>)
If we combine 2+3 we could use the svn-antlib [4] like
   <project xmlns:svn="antlibjar:ant-contrib.jar!/org.apache.ant.svn">
with a syntax like JarURLConnection [5].



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