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From Tommy Nordgren <>
Subject Re: AW: Setting and debugging class paths
Date Mon, 15 May 2006 13:35:10 GMT

On 15 maj 2006, at 13.15, <>  
<> wrote:

>> Is there any ant task available that can display a class path,
>> to verify that class path settings are correct.
>> Also, are there any good reference texts available on setting
>> the class path for Ant tasks - in particular, I can't find
>> anything that suggests how to do the
>> following:
>> Set the class path the default ant class path, WITH THE
>> EXCEPTION of SOME JAR file installed in the ant lib directory
> Dont set CLASSPATH for Ant.
> Inside the buildfile you could use <path>s, e.g.
> <path id="classpath">
>     <fileset dir="lib" excludes="dont-use-this.jar"/>
> </path>
> <java .... classpathref="classpath"/>
> Jan
	I have tested this. It does not work. I tested by creating a dummy  
class, and installing it's jar in the standard ant
library directory. Even when I explicitly tell ant to ignore this jar  
in the way you suggested, using the javac task
in another project finds the class.
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