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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: No package found
Date Fri, 26 May 2006 13:57:45 GMT
Martin Gainty wrote:
> Heres my take
> If I am coding a once - y thing and it WORKS and I say wait a minute
> this is a waste of time since I am doing the SAME operation for all entities in a container
> namely all file(s) in the folder
> then I extract out the file specific stuff namely filename.extension and then use the
folder spec
> the level of sophistication of Java Developer should know that when I point to this source
folder thats it
> If my equipment is pointing at the Sun when I should be pointing at Mars I might fry
the equipment thats ok
> after all we're all professionals and we're supposed to know what we're doing..I said
supposed to
> My suggestions is Dont look for packages or anything else..thats way too much handlholding
besides thats the implementor's job

I think the problem is the same as with javac, or java, its not enough 
to hand off files to the tool, you need to hand of files in the right 
package hierarchy. Ant tasks do have to know what params to send down to 
javadoc, and if you look at those options its clearly a complex beast. 
If you look at the command line options, it seems to want to know about 
packages to exclude and subpackages too.

i.e. javadoc command line takes
-a list of packages
-a list of files in the root folder

Ant works backwards from directories with java files in (or package.html 
files) to create a list of packages.

so i'd conclude that yes, we do need to know about packages. A file 
submitted as a self contained file will be assumed to be in the default 
package, not in some sub package that is somehow guess.

What could be done is to improve the error messages to make it clear 
what is going on and provide hints as how to fix the build file. A URL 
to a wiki entry would be one option, e.g.

[info] skipping empty package, see

> So the same functionality that works for srcdir should work the SAME for sourcepath except
its not looking for a specific file its looking at the folder..

> Other than that...Hows life in oregon these days??

wouldnt know. UK now. Got bored with all the skiing, mountain biking, 
sunny summers.

> As always Its expensive living here in the democratic republic ...

I thought it was now the FDR, not the DDR ;?
> Thanks Steve,
> M-


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