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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: Proper Property File
Date Tue, 23 May 2006 00:01:37 GMT
Hello Res,

I think that you are doing the right thing. More exactly, I am not sure
that *the* best practice in this domain exist. As long as you have a
clear policy and you can explain it to all the stakeholders in
your development community, things are OK.

You mention ssh passwords. I have always thought that passwords for
automated scripts are a problem. Either you have these in a file which
is not under version-control, but then you can lose it and
the build is not reproducible.  Or  the file  is just sitting on the
file system at a location where only trusted person(s) can access it,
and it is fine for security, but not for the sake of being sure that the
can be setup elsewhere without difficulties. Sometimes, I think it is
quite "funny" when a script user has to "key in" passwords for 10s of
different systems (database servers, application servers, ssh, LDAP,
mainframe connectivity,
...) But it is like that.



Res Pons wrote:
> Is there any style documentation or suggestion from anyone as to when
> to include properties in the build file and when to put them inside
> the property file, especially when different development teams and me
> the build engineer have to access the same file an do builds?
> I set an order of precedence in all development teams build files to
> look for first on the user's local drive/home, then
> look for build.propeties in the build subfolder and then in
> last.
> In my, I use such things as the final build/release
> paths, passwords for the ssh/scp tasks, etc.
> Is there a rule of thumb for placement and declaration of properties
> as to whether they should be at the command line upon execution,
> inside the build file or inside one the property files?
> Thanks.

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