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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: AW: How to merge two different webapps with Ant
Date Mon, 22 May 2006 15:39:55 GMT
Sergi Marin/Upcnet wrote:
> Danke schön Jan!
> You say me to create a EAR file with two WAR file (one by webapp),  no?
> But what's about if we want both webapps are placed in the same directory 
> and both have same WEB-INF directory, web.xml file, lib directory, (a 
> higher level of union)... In fact, we would like to have an application A 
> (an application for managing student services), and another application B 
> (an application for managing K2 mail accounts for students). The main 
> application is A, and we would like to load/compile A with B (for the 
> final version) or without B (for debugging, independent developing...). We 
> would like to make changes in A or B independently of the other program, 
> and only in the final phase merge both apps. Is it possible?
> I hope I have explained well what I would like to get.
> Thank you very much for all!
> Sergi

In this situation you do not have two programs. you have one program 
being built in two places. Stop it :)

Two webapps have two different web.xml files, two different 
classloaders, two different start pages, two different sets of servlets. 
They may share libraries, but in an EAR file you can have a shared set 
of libraries.

Get used to deploying in an EAR file. Its not like app servers cost a 
premium over web servers these days, not if you stick with 
jboss/glassfish/geronimo.  If you don't want to rebuild app B with app A 
every time you rebuild, dont rebuild that webapp when you recreate the EAR.


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