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From Grant Lewis <>
Subject trouble with inheritrefs in version 1.5.4
Date Tue, 09 May 2006 00:23:49 GMT
I'm not having much luck with <ant inheritrefs="true" ...> in version
1.5.4. I'm stuck using 1.5.4 because a weblogic ant task used in my
build process requires 1.5.4 so I can't upgrade to the latest release.

In my parent script I define a path element like the following:

<path id="global.classpath">
  <fileset dir="...">
    <include name="**/*.jar"/>

I then have a target definition that invokes a child build process:

<target name="build-module">
  <ant dir="${basedir}/module" inheritrefs="true"/>

In my child project I have the following path definition:

<path id="module.classpath">
  <path refid="global.classpath/>

Ant has not successfully passed the references so far. I've also tried
using nested reference elements without success. When I copy the path
references from the parent project to the child project, the build is
successful, so I know my reference names are right. Any ideas because
this apparently works in the 1.5 branch?

The only oddity may be that I don't set the basedir attribute in the
project tag of my child build file. Could that cause any strange
behavior or am I missing something?


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