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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Asking for new feature: Self-Discovery of service to make Ant a real extensible system
Date Mon, 01 May 2006 21:34:02 GMT
Dominique Devienne wrote:
 >> There's no discovery without that xmlns declaration, so ant boot times
 >> arent hit by a need to scan every JAR on the classpath.
 > That's one reason, and a very valid one IMHO. Another is to have
 > things stay explicit in Ant as much as possible. I dispute your point
 > that auto-discovering of tasks is good for non-developers end users.
 > My own experience is that less Ant-savvy users don't know where the
 > non-core tasks are coming from, so can't find out the documentation
 > for them (when there's doc ;-).

Or more importantly, who to complain to when they have a support call. 
It's easier to deny knowledge when the task is called <eclipse:compile> 
or <weblogic:jspc>.

 > I've very much a proponent of using the AntLibs auto-magic
 > antlib:<package-name> Namespace URI, because it still forces an
 > explicit reference to access the tasks, which help in identifying
 > these tasks' origin, while being simple and short enough.

I've taken to declaring macros/presets in their own ns too. What is 
confusing is if you declare them in someone else's namespace. There's 
nothing to stop you doing that, but it confuses other people.


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