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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: Qustion about property prefix...
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 19:40:48 GMT
On 5/3/06, Trent Ohannessian <> wrote:
> Thank you all for your replies.  This Ant script is actually running Canoo
> WebTest.  It's testing the small GUI portion of our application. The entire
> application uses several properties files, but there is just one file per
> subsystem and the server designations are made by adding a
> localhost.whatever or qa.whatever, etc.  I was hoping to stay away from
> multiple properties files to keep the standard set by the entire app, but I
> see there is no way around that.  I'll just live with it and continue on. :)

By using filter readers in <loadproperties>, you might be able to
filter-out properties that don't start with a given prefix (thus
hiding them, as if not in the file). What I'm not sure of if whether
you can also strip the prefix using filter readers, kinda like what's
possible with <propertyset> and <mapper>. Using the latter 2 in
<java>, I used to select one set of properties or another based on a
prefix, which sounds like what you're trying to do. But properties
whose names have been stripped of the prefix were passed to the forked
sub-process, while you want the properties to become part of the
current's build (Project in fact). --DD

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