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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: Asking for new feature: Self-Discovery of service to make Ant a real extensible system
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 15:26:35 GMT
On 5/2/06, Huxi LI <> wrote:
> [...] but I insist that it is not the most transparent solution for users.

It is in fact too transparent, so transparent that users or
maintainers of the build scripts have a hard time figuring out where
the tasks are coming from or what they do. The original author might
be OK, and it might simplify his life, but I contend that even he
would have trouble getting back into the build script after a few
weeks or months (let alone years ;-)

> That is because, IMHO, uniform acess principal is important in many case,

The Uniform access principal *is* using Namespace'd AntLibs !!! ;-)

Just like in Java code you have to use import statements to indicate
to the compiler, and more importantly to developers, where the classes
are coming from. One could implement a Java compiler that didn't need
import statements, and thus had "Uniform access principle" like you
write, and simply looked up any class used anywhere on the classpath,
but that make the code inaccessible to "plain-text" developers like
me, that don't use IDEs to develop.

Okay, maybe the parallel is a bit far fetch, but really what you are
asking amounts to that. Think of Ant's core classes has the implicitly
imported java.lang package, and custom tasks as any other package.

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