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From "Andrew Close" <>
Subject Building from a list...
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 16:13:19 GMT

i'm having a bit of a brain-fart coming up with a solution to this
situation.  we have about 130 JAR files that we are building for a
particular project.  most of these JARs are dependent on each other so
they require a specific build order.  i was hoping to create a list of
the projects that compose each JAR and feed this list to ANT to build
one at a time.  i know the Ant-Contrib project has a <foreach> tag
that allows for iteration, but i'm a bit stumped on how to build
everything from a properties file.  is this possible?  or is there a
better way to approach this?

we're using VSS as source control and have several projects that are
composed of several (130+) products/JARs in VSS.  so i'd like to make
a list of Project.Product that i can iterate through and
build/JAR/deploy in order.
so in VSS we may have Project1 that contains ProductA, ProductB &
ProductC and Project2 that contains ProductD & ProductE and Project3
that contains ProductF, ProductG & ProductH.  the build order may end
up being:
ProductB, ProductG, ProductA, ProductC, ProductD, ProductF, ProductE...
so my initial idea was to create a master list that contains these
products in their proper build order:

our ANT build file is currently set up to build products individually.
 so typically we'd pass in the ProjectName, ProductName, Branch,
DeliverableType and DeploymentDest to build one product/JAR/etc.  to
build all applications (build world) we have to either type this in
manually 130+ times or we use a .bat file that makes 130+ calls.  the
problem with the .bat file is that if product 15 fails a bunch of
builds that follow will fail due to dependency.  there is no good way
to stop the build process on error.  so i was hoping ANT would be able
to come to the rescue. :)
hopefully this is enough background to either come up with a solution
or generate some discussion that will lead to a solution.
thanks for any help you can offer.

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