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From <>
Subject AW: Hi frm Kishore
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 05:16:00 GMT
Continuus Support 

Tutorial: Hello World with Ant

Tutorial: Writing Tasks

Telelogic's Synergy homepage
(Telelogic provides a java based client - sadly no Ant tasks and no API
docs ....)

btw: please use a more meaningful subject like 'where to get
documentation for Ant/Synergy'
It would improve our eye-scanning-process of mailinglists.


>I'm using Ant for automating jobs like SQL, reports compile. 
>In turn I used task like FTP, Apply, EXEC, copy, move. I 
>haven't explored the complete list of Ant yet (as my 
>requirement are basic).
>Ant can be used for compiling java, creating jar. 
>I would recommend that you go through the below ANT documentation:
>If the Ant documentation doesn't provide what you need, then 
>you need to write your custom task following instructions from 
> and 
>>I'm presently working on CM Synergy tool as a basic user and 
>>looking into learning more of the tool and ANT also, can you 
>>please help me in providing some advance info regarding the 
>>same. I saw you mail relating to some query and thought you 
>>could be the right person to ask. 

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