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From "Levin, Gary Marc" <>
Subject Copy/flatten/name collisions
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 16:15:49 GMT
I need to copy data files that are in the source tree with their related
*.java files into a single directory.  <copy flatten="true" ... /> does
that.  What I am looking for is a warning or error to be produced if
there are two files with the same name.  "overwrite" does not address
this problem, it only controls what is done if the collision occurs.  

Is there a feature of copy that I missed, or some other step I could
take to check for these collisions?  I don't need it to do anything
clever with the filenames; a warning would let us know to do a renaming

This is primarily to handle copying configuration files from where the
developers created them into a single place for packaging and then
installation.  In the end, we will probably insist on all configuration
files being in single directory even during development to avoid this
problem.  I just thought that with <copy flatten="true"... /> there
should be some way of checking for this problem.

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