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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: Exception in Style
Date Sat, 22 Apr 2006 16:59:24 GMT
Ron Jeffries wrote:
> I have an XSL file that always creates a null pointer exception in
> transforming. There's a two-line change to make it work, which might
> help someone find the bug if interested. I assume it's a bug in
> whatever XSL processor Ant is using, not in Ant itself.
If you are using JDK 1.4 or JDK 1.5 and did not do anything special, you
are using the xalan2 implementation which ships with the JDK.
> What group or individuals might be interested?
The xalan-2 j team :
Note that is quite possible that your bug is already fixed by the xalan
team, but not yet by sun.
To rule out this possibility, you need to download the latest releaseed
version of xalan.

To be able to effectively use it, read this docu :
 and put the jar in a directory %JAVA_HOME%\jre\lib\endorsed,
or start ant with :
set ANT_OPTS=-Djava.endorsed.dirs=fullpath to xalan.jar

If your bug also happens with the latest released version of xalan2, you
will probably have to check whether there is a bug report for this issue.


hopes this helps,


> Thanks,
> Ron Jeffries
> To follow the path:
> Look to the master; Follow the master; Walk with the master;
> See through the master; Become the master. -- Modern Zen Poem

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