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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: Building from a list...
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 20:42:55 GMT
> > Sounds too good to be true Steve ;-)
> Yes and no.
> [...]
> There are some posts of the DPML support list [1] related to the native
> subject which may be relevant (including some demonstrations of how to
> achieve this).
> [..]
> Just initially I would
> Think that runtime concerns could best be addressed within the scope
> Of the DPML Station (a JVM instance management system) [3].

Thanks for the thorough answer Steve. I do need to check out
Depot+Transit+Station. I like the distinction between
build/runtime/test artifacts. I wanted to implement it, but always
stopped short of it.

My own approach to dependency management was very process oriented
still, with the Ant build being fully in control. I just added the
transitive dependency management directly within the build file, and
generated the build artifacts and meta-data using the Ant build as
well, and the publishing too.

Using this approach, pluging in to any Continuous Integration loop (CC
or else) was trivial, since all the dependency management was
integrated in Ant builds. Ant remained the main driver. Also leverages
the Ant integration of IDEs right away.

It was a different approach. Probably not as clean, but pragmatic. --DD

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