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From "Guttula, Mohan" <>
Subject RE: Create a file that contains files in directory
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2006 19:16:08 GMT
--- Snippet of my build.xml following IVAN suggestions that process
extensions "*.tab", "*.ind" and "*.seq" ----
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<project basedir="." name="baseProject" default="help">
    <property name="master_base" value="c:\StarTeam\MyProject\release"/>
    <macrodef name="partial_file">
    	<attribute name="extension"/>
			<fileset dir="${master_base}"
				<include name="**/*.@{extension}"/>
			<pathconvert property="@{extension}.files"
pathsep="${line.separator}" refid="@{extension}.files.fs">
from="${master_base}${file.separator}*" to="@*"/>
    <target name="masterlist">
		<partial_file extension="tab">
		<partial_file extension="ind">
		<partial_file extension="seq">
		<move file="tab.txt" tofile="master.sql">
				<concatfilter append="ind.txt"/>
				<concatfilter append="seq.txt"/>
		<delete file="tab.txt"/>
		<delete file="ind.txt"/>
		<delete file="seq.txt"/>

******** "master.sql" using target "masterlist" *****

Now the issue is while appending files together in the master list.
I want to know how I can use concatfilter to append the output of the
next text file in a new line in target file? i.e., the final output of
the target file should look like the following:
------- Final "master.sql" ----


-----Original Message-----
From: Ivan "Rambius" Ivanov [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2006 9:11 PM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: RE: Create a file that contains files in directory


--- "Guttula, Mohan" <> wrote:

> The issue was with relative path in the base
> directory. i.e., 
> <property name="master_base" value="release"/>
> Issue is resolved by using IVAN suggestion which is
> as follows:
> -----
> <property name="master_base" location="release"/>
> -----

Defining location of files and dirs with location
attribute comes vary handy when one deals with
mappers. This attribute allows you to cite the files
with their relative (to ${basedir}) names and yet Ant
deals works with their absolute paths taking care of
slashes and backslashes.

> Ivan - do you know if I can append "@" to the
> beginning of each line in
> the target directory. i.e., 
> **** Target file (master.sql) *****
> @temp/
> @temp1/temp1.ind
> @temp2/temp2.trg
> @temp3/temp3.seq
> @temp4/temp4.ind
> @temp5/temp5.trg
> ******************

I believe you can do it:
    <pathconvert property="all.files"
from="${basedir}${file.separator}*" to="@*"/>

> I also want to know if we can use some Ant task to
> rearrange line the
> target file (or should I write my custom ANT task).
> For example in the
> following way
> ******** Final "master.sql"*****
> @temp/
> @temp1/temp1.ind
> @temp4/temp4.ind
> @temp2/temp2.trg
> @temp5/temp5.trg
> @temp3/temp3.seq
> ********
> In the above file, I have to rearrange lines based
> on the extension.

In the examples above, we use <fileset>s which
collects the files in a random way, which is not
controlled by Ant, but by the underlying OS. If you
deal only with not so many different extensions you
can define <fileset>s for each of them and repeat
pathconvert + mapper trick for each <fileset> (and
that sounds like a  <macrodef>)


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